Section overview

Lesson plans in this section explore the use of bioprinting techniques in green technology applications, including how algae and bacteria can be harnessed to understand photosynthetic processes and biofuel production.

This is part of our UC approved Elective course. 

This unit introduces photosynthesis. You will gain a comprehensive overview of the main governing reactions as well as the significance of photosynthesis in the carbon cycle. 

2 Lectures

This unit introduces algae as a model organism for investigating photosynthesis in greater detail. You will learn how algae can be used as a source of biomass for the production of various products, including biofuels. 

3 Lectures + 1 Lab

This unit explores biomass and how it can be used as an alternative energy source. Various methods for converting raw biomass into different fuels are discussed, including catalytic degradation using enzymes.

1 Lecture + 1 Lab

This unit explores the metabolism of bacteria. You will learn about how bacteria break down different sugars as a food source, as well as how bacteria can be harnessed for the production of biofuels and other biomolecules of interest.

1 Lab