Section overview

Lesson plans in this section covers fundamental bioprinting techniques including learning basic computer aided design (CAD) tools for 3D printing and operational functions of the r3bEL bioprinter. 

This is part of our UC approved Elective course. 

A quick overview on the use cases of 3D printing technology for healthcare applications.

1 reading

This introductory unit will help you gain an understanding of the underlying technologies and processes involved in bioprinting. You will also learn about assorted materials and cells used in bioprinting, as well as various applications of the technology.

5 Lectures

This unit covers the essentials of operating the r3bEL bioprinter. You will learn the basic functionalities of the bioprinter as well as how to operate the bioprinter to create simple designs and structures.

3 Lectures + 3 Labs

This is an introductory unit on computer aided design (CAD). You will learn some simple CAD tools, such as Tinkercad, that will enable you to start creating and manipulating 3D models and files for bioprinting.

1 Lecture + 1 Lab

This unit explores G-codes in greater detail. You will learn more specific commands for controlling the r3bEL bioprinter, as well as how to write your own G-code files for carrying out assorted prints.

1 Lab