Section overview

Lesson plans in this section explore the use of bioprinting techniques in biotechnology applications, including how enzymes and bacteria can be harnessed for different purposes in the pharmaceutical industry. 

This is part of our UC approved Elective course. 

This unit helps you understand some basic principles in data collection and error analysis. This is important to ensure that you obtain good experimental results that lead to meaningful data analysis.

1 Reading

This unit introduces the fundamental concepts of enzymes, including their structure and function, as well as enzymatic reaction principles. You will also learn about various enzyme applications in a range of industries.

3 Lectures + 2 Labs

This unit introduces bacteria, covering key concepts such as their morphology and classification. Bacterial cell culture basics are also discussed, along with assorted applications ranging from biofuels production to pharmaceutical research.

3 Lectures + 2 Labs

This unit explores antimicrobial agents in greater detail. You will learn how antibiotics are developed, as well as the mechanisms behind their bactericidal properties. 

3 Lectures + 3 Labs